Hospital in Ostrołęka
Client: Mazowiecki Szpital Specjalistyczny w Ostrołęce im. dr Józefa Psarskiego
Category: HealthCare

Creating an IT Strategy

EMERGE IT Support specialists had the opportunity to carry out another project in the Health Care category, which involved developing an IT strategy for the Mazowieckie Specialist Hospital named after Dr. Józef Psarski in Ostrołęka.

Ostrołęka Hospital

The challenge facing the Management of the Mazovian Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka

The main challenge faced by the Hospital team was:

an insufficient IT system of processes and organizational structures for the Hospital’s current needs.

The Management of the Mazovian Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka had to make changes to the Hospital’s IT infrastructure at a very fast pace in order to process large and distributed amounts of sensitive data without disruptions.

Challenge for EMERGE IT Support

Collaborating with such a large medical institution like the Hospital always involves the necessity to learn its procedures, including many complex systems and functioning technical solutions. The precise analysis of all this data, which was additionally conducted during the challenging time of the Covid-19 pandemic, posed the greatest challenge for the specialists working on this project from the EMERGE IT Support team.

It is worth noting that the implementation of such projects also requires great accuracy and attention to detail, especially in relation to the Hospital’s sensitive data.

Solution proposed by EMERGE IT Support

Development of an IT strategy, including the transformation and reorganization of IT activities at the Hospital.

The EMERGE IT Support team prepared a comprehensive written IT strategy for the Hospital, which was implemented and significantly improved the speed and structure of daily tasks performed by the Hospital’s employees.

Scope of implementation

Implementation process of the "IT Strategy - Ostrołęka Hospital" project

Organization audit

description of the organizational structure, team competencies, and development of a responsibility matrix

Infrastructure review

review of the Hospital’s technical infrastructure, including the applications used

Security audit

security policy audit and penetration testing

Service agreement audit

verification of IT department service agreements, including a review of the applicable SLA conditions

GDPR audit

audit regarding the processing of personal data at the Mazowieckie Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka

Teleinformatics audit

hardware review and compliance verification with Key Risk Indicators (KRI)


IT strategy for the Mazovian Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka brought the following benefits to the institution

Structuring procedures and activities of medical staff


Standardizing access to data 


Confirmedsecurity of sensitive data


Confirmation and update of IT team’s areas of operation at the Hospital


Updating IT technologies used at the Hospital


Customer satisfaction

Customer opinion is our top priority

Wojciech Krzyżanowski, Medical Director.

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