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Client: InviMed
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InviMed - Implementation and development of the "Patient Portal" platform

The mission of the InviMed Infertility Treatment Clinics is to help fulfil the dream of parenthood. Thanks to the full commitment and passion of the specialists working at InviMed, the company’s mission becomes a reality every day. The advantage of this brand on the market is the use of global medical knowledge, treatment methods, and the latest technologies. The hard work of specialists and the common direction of brand development, based on technological foundations, have resulted in InviMed’s high treatment effectiveness, reaching up to 5% for all conducted in vitro cycles. These results are evidence that it is worth trusting the professionalism, knowledge, and experience that InviMed Clinic teams possess.

Such a brand needs an experienced and trustworthy partner who demonstrates a proactive approach in their daily work, has a qualified team of specialists from various areas, and provides reliable technological solutions.


Challenge in the development of the InviMed brand

Like any company that actively focuses on the development of new technologies, InviMed has faced a challenge:

shortening the patient service process and standardizing the service and data archiving.

Until now, InviMed did not have an electronic patient service system and medical documentation archiving. The project therefore involved creating a completely new solution based on collected requirements and legal restrictions applicable to all entities providing medical services.

Challenge for EMERGE IT Support

Creating a coherent process that meets the needs of several diverse InviMed teams spread across Poland.

An essential element of the entire project implementation was a thorough analysis of the current state of affairs, including identifying the most significant problems for both the client and the patients, as well as building a solution that would eliminate the biggest blockers of the existing process.

Solution proposed by EMERGE IT Support

Creation and implementation of an online patient service portal and digitization of medical documentation.

Thanks to our director of technology’s knowledge and extensive experience in the HealthCare and HealthTech sectors, EMERGE IT Support designed and implemented the proprietary “Patient Portal,” which allows, among other things:

  • Scheduling medical appointments
  • Tracking treatment progress
  • Access to treatment history at every stage of diagnosis
  • Contact with the patient’s medical caregiver

Scope of Implementation

Process of implementing the "Patient Portal" project

Analysis of the current technology and current patient registration and service processes.

At this stage, the EMERGE IT Support team conducted a business analysis and identified the main clinic problems – particularly on the side of the dispersed InviMed clinic teams and the current clients.


Planning processes to speed up patient service and registration.

At this stage, the EMERGE IT Support team planned processes that were translated into specific functionalities of the “Patient Portal” platform to automate individual actions and thus speed up work and reduce patient service time.

Training for clinic employees.

Proper training of all team members who have contact with the system was also crucial. This is the essential element for effective communication between specialists and patients.


Implementation of the “Patient Portal” system, fully functioning online.

Installation, implementation, and launch of the system are the next stage on the project roadmap. It is the day when the system comes to life, and the first user traffic appears.

Post-implementation support, and IT solutions for the clinic.

This is an important stage of our cooperation. Development, construction, implementation, and training are crucial until the system starts functioning correctly. However, when real clinic specialists’ traffic appears, as well as even more intensive patient traffic, the system requires support, analytics, and service.

Furthermore, this is the moment when appropriate tests allow for improving individual stages of the process and planning further functionalities that automate specialist work.



Sample functionalities created by EMERGE IT Support

Appointment scheduling and canceling

The Patient Portal is a fully functional online system. Thanks to the ability to schedule and cancel appointments, all patients can make changes to their appointments in a matter of seconds, completely remotely without the need to contact the clinic. They can do this via a laptop or their smartphone.

Access to full treatment history

This functionality allows access to all past visits, including any doctor’s comments and medical checks.

Direct contact with the clinic

Patients can contact the clinic without leaving their homes or making a phone call. Furthermore, all correspondence is saved and archived in the patient’s account.

Access to medical check results

Patients can quickly look at the results of medical checks. The system also sends notifications about the appearance of new medical data in the patient’s account.

Preparation for treatment at the clinic

The portal provides patients with guidance on how to prepare for visits or checks to proceed with full treatment. The system also allows doctors to track patients’ treatment progress.

Document submission

The portal allows for electronic document submission between the patient and the clinic, saving time and maintaining order in document circulation.


"The Patient Portal" for InviMed Clinic primarily offers benefits such as

Reduction of patient service time at the clinic


Optimization of existing processes


Increased patient satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

Customer feedback is crucial to us

Elżbieta Britmann, Managing Director of InviMed, with whom we have had the opportunity to cooperate briefly, summed up the implementation of the “Patient Portal” project.

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