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Cookies Policy

Emerge IT Support uses Cookies.

When using Emerge IT Support, by configuring the browser settings, the user agrees to use Cookies in accordance with said Cookies Policy. In the event that the user does not agree to use Cookies, they should change their browser settings or resign from using Emerge IT Support.

Cookies are pieces of IT data saved in files and stored on user’s given end device which is sent by the browser to the server each time one accesses Emerge IT Support on such end device.

A Cookie usually contains name of the website the cookie has come from, its lifetime, data identifying the browser from which one accesses a website and other necessary data.

The entity storing Cookies on user’s end device and obtaining access to data collected by Cookies is Generic Solutions spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Bonifraterska 17, being the owner of Emerge IT Support.

Emerge IT Support uses Cookies for the purpose of:

– improving and accelerating the operation of Emerge IT Support, to include maintaining user’s session after logging in, whereby the user does not have to log in again on each sub-site of Emerge IT Support.

– collecting anonymous, aggregated statistics which allow Emerge IT Support to analyse how people use Emerge IT Support so as to improve their functionality of Emerge IT Support.

When using Cookies Emerge IT Support does not identify the identity of users on the basis of information stored in Cookies. In the event of using data stored in Cookies, data is deprived of any markings identifying the user (anonymization) and stored no longer than 30 days.

To achieve the objectives set forth hereinabove, Emerge IT Support may cooperate with business partners, e.g. advertisers, research companies and application providers.

Emerge IT Support may use Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. The former remain on user’s end device only when using Emerge IT Support. Persistent Cookies remain on user’s end device as long as their lifetime is set or until they are deleted by the user.

Types of Cookies used:

Type of Cookies What for and how are they used?
Necessary for the operation of websites Necessary for the proper functioning and displaying of Emerge IT Support, they allow one to navigate through Emerge IT Support and use Emerge IT Support’s elements. They optimize the use of Emerge IT Support, e.g. they remember previous actions (e.g. texts opened) while returning to a site in the same session.
Improving functionality Memorizing settings and choices (e.g. user’s name, region the user is located in, personalized content settings, history of activity). To improve functionality, there is used data pertaining to the activity on Emerge IT Support, geolocation data (city) and anonymous socio-demographic data (e.g. age, sex, type of entity). There is not used any data which would allow to identify the user.
Serving safety purposes Serving the purpose of detecting fraud in respect of authentication on Emerge IT Support.

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically. Change the browser settings so that Cookies are blocked – in whole or in some part, e.g. only from third parties, or so as to receive notification each time Cookies are being sent to the device. Blocking of Cookies may have negative impact on the ease of use of Emerge IT Support. Detailed information on the possibility and manners of handling Cookies is available in your browser settings.