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Fool’s Theory
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Fool's Theory. "Remotely Work" Transformation

Fool’s Theory Studio, founded in 2015 and based in Bielsko-Biała – a small town at the foot of the mountains, is a group of enthusiasts, programmers, and creative personalities who passionately create some of the best games. Their portfolio includes titles such as:
  • Baldur’s Gate III
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2
  • DLC’s
  • Hellblade: Senua’s
  • Sacrifice
  • Outriders
  • Gord
The Fool’s Theory team gained experience working on the world’s biggest commercial projects. After years of practice and acquired knowledge, they built their own brand where the Fool’s team could fully realize their projects. Collaboration with Fool’s Theory is not only another experience for EMERGE IT Support but also an opportunity to carry out unconventional technological projects.

Fool’s Theory

The challenge in building new Fool's Theory projects.

The unpredictable course of events caused by the COVID-19 pandemic quickly posed a challenge to many organizations, including Fool’s Theory Studio:

the lack of an efficient solution that would allow teams remote access to specialized IT solutions, which are the basis of Development and Continuous Integration processes.

The Fool’s Theory team had to make changes to their own IT infrastructure quickly in order to continue creating current projects according to schedule.

The biggest challenge for EMERGE IT Support

The selection of technology had to take into account data transmission limitations due to the client-to-site architecture. Additionally, the work had to be done during production Development, which required careful planning of the steps taken.

To carry out the project, it was necessary to analyze the studio’s current IT infrastructure, prepare a report, and make decisions about the appropriate configuration of new hardware and tools.

Solution proposed by EMERGE IT Support

Installation of new infrastructure, creation of VPN accounts, and configuration of clients on user workstations (over 70 users in total).

Scope of project implementation

"Transformation – Remotely Work"

Analysis of the current IT infrastructure in the studio.


Selection of a device that meets all requirements.


Implementation of network device and VPN concentrator configuration.


Integration with development tools, and game studios.


Creation of access for teams to machines involved in the CI process via Remote Desktop.


Optimization of the archiving system.



The project for Fool's Theory has several advantages

Full “remote” cooperation for project teams.

The new solution provided Fool’s Theory Studio with the continuous work of many teams on a single repository, regardless of the “on-site” / “remote” location.

No regression in development

Thanks to a thorough and efficient analysis of the current solutions, as well as finding the right device that meets the Client’s requirements, we quickly implemented new solutions. Throughout the process, the studio did not experience any regression in development.

Ability to dynamically expand the team

Thanks to the new solutions, Fool’s Theory game studio has even greater possibilities to scale their teams without incurring additional bandwidth costs.

Optimization of implementation costs

The methodology proposed by the EMERGE IT Support team turned out to be the most optimal and best suited to the client’s business needs. As a result, the implementation was not burdened with high costs and delivered the required quality.

Customer satisfaction

Customer feedback is our top priority

Adam Brejnakowski, DevOps / IT Lead at Fool’s Theory, with whom we worked together on the project, summarized our cooperation shortly.

Welcome to cooperate

Are you facing a similar challenge in your own organization?

Write to us. For years, we have been collaborating with game studios, specializing in new IT technologies. We implement entire infrastructures, provide equipment, integrate tools, and provide ongoing support for teams.

All this is to allow your studio to focus on fast and efficient project implementation.


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